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By Daniel Clowes. Published by Fantagraphics. 

Hardcover, 180 pages, Colour, 2016.

The most anticipated graphic novel of 2016: from the creator of Ghost World.

Patience is a psychedelic science-fiction love story, veering with uncanny precision from violent destruction to deeply personal tenderness in a way that is both quintessentially "Clowesian"and utterly unique in the author's body of work. This 180-page, full-color original graphic novel affords Clowes the opportunity to draw some of the most exuberant and breathtaking pages of his life, and to tell his most suspenseful, surprising and affecting story yet.

"Deeply felt and winding story of love and the limits of time nestled within an operatic science-fiction structure that is bursting with wild colors and page design." — Artinfo

"Patience is incredibly captivating – a stunning marriage of text, image, and design, and a demonstration of Clowes' sheer mastery of the art of sequential storytelling. A must-have for any graphic novel section." — Booklist

"Disturbing, convoluted, darkly comic and just plain dark, the book itself is a thing of beauty. The book's self-awareness and sympathy make it more than just an exercise in the mixing of genres, but it's in this unabashed mixing that Clowes creates a story that is as transcendent as it is upsetting — and affirming." — Chicago Tribune

"DAN CLOWES. American. A master. Perfect fusion of story and art. Clowes is an auteur. Period. A superb narrator. Patience is the rare time travel tale that fully delivers." — Guillermo Del Toro

"The greatest action in Clowes's time-travel murder mystery isn't the violence, surprise twists, or trippy visuals, it is whether Jack will choose to give into the lure of his past or accept the future he has created." — Hyperallergic

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