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Our Wretched Town Hall

Our Wretched Town Hall

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By Eric Kostiuk Williams. Published by Retrofit.

Softcover, 64 pages, Colour, 2018. 

How would you interpret that hammy, Lynchian dream about your ex? Has your house plant been judging you this entire time? Will you bother grappling with the ethics of your woke, but Machiavellian workplace-related revenge? Does anyone care if you don't make it out to the party? How do you go forward when everything's moving backwards?

Town hall's in session, and we've got lots to talk about. Eric Kostiuk Williams returns with a new, full-color short story collection that will replenish your crops, singe your eyebrows, and lightly tickle the back of your knees.

Eric is a Toronto-based cartoonist and illustrator. In his breakout autobiographical series Hungry Bottom Comics, he explored queer masculinity and coming out in the age of hookup apps. His recent work continues to grapple with community, performance, and queer culture in a scope both personal and cosmological. Babybel Wax Bodysuit, his first release with Retrofit Comics, was nominated for an Eisner Award in Best Single Issue/One-Shot. Other releases include Condo Heartbreak Disco from Koyama Press and How Does It Feel In My Arms? from Czap Books and Grindstone Comics' Ley Lines series.

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