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By Barrett Stanley. Self Published. 

Softcover, 68 pages, B&W, 2020.

In Orts by Barrett Stanley, Lieutenant Demarcus Hargraves wakes up with his brain inside of a dying robot body. With little other information, Demarcus begins to investigate the satellite upon which he finds himself, which is orbiting earth, covered in garbage. Soon on his journeys, Demarcus comes across two other robotic residents of the satellite, Beauregard, a discarded AI stuffed animal, and Molly, an obsolete android.

Barrett’s grim and gritty inking style fits well in this trek through discarded objects and mutated technology. While Barrett fills his robotic characters with a good dose of humanity, the characters hardships and the plot points toward a bleak future.

Winner, 2020 MICE Mini-Grant

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