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Orphan and the Five Beasts

Orphan and the Five Beasts

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By James Stokoe. Published by Dark Horse. 

Softcover, 104 pages, Colour, 2022. 

A kung-fu epic from James Stokoe, the creator behind Orc Stain and Aliens: Dead Orbit!

Spurred on by her masters dying words, the adopted warrior Orphan Mo seeks to find and kill five former disciples who now threaten the land with corruption from their demonic powers. Part Five Deadly Venoms and part surreal grindhouse, James Stokoe brings his knack for ultra-detailed fantasy imagery and over-the-top violence to this classic tale of revenge.

Collects the four-issue miniseries.

"Orphan and the Five Beasts can take its well-earned place among the best of the martial arts epics. A riveting story with fantastic art." -The Brazen Bull

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