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Old Caves

Old Caves

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By Tyler Landry. Published by Uncivilized Books. 

Softcover, 106 pages, B&W, 2023. 

"Landry’s black-and-white art makes lyrical use of negative space, rendering the mountains with magisterial effect. Unlike many tales of self-separating loners, this maintains a profound emotional through line, mostly through the letters: “I could punch and kick and kiss you all at once,” the protagonist’s wife writes. Landry depicts the costs of separation from society with piercing visual poetry."—Publishers Weekly

A retiree dedicates his days to combing a dense, snow-covered forest in pursuit of the unknown, and his nights to reminiscing about his wife. Old Caves is a peek through a frost-covered window at isolation, obsession, and the slow erosion of relationships. The high contrast black and white art enhances the sense of absolute solitude.

Tyler Landry lives and draws in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, on the east coast of Canada. Over the last 20 years, he has occupied professional roles such as Game Artist, Art Director, Illustrator, Graphic Designer, as well as Cartoonist, Club Organizer, and Comics/Drawing Instructor. These days, inching ever closer to the embrace of death, he tries to devote as much energy as possible to cartooning.

Published comics include: Dungeonoids, Opal (Dagger Dagger anthology), Trabajar para Sobrevivir (AIA Editorial), Shit and Piss (Retrofit Comics).

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