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By Tara Booth. Published by 2dcloud. 

Hardcover, 64 pages, Color, 2018. 

Unable to sleep, Tara takes too much sleep medication and enters a dream soaked fantasia. A vivid and moody, euphoric journey where dreams and hallucinations intersect.

In this wordless graphic novella, Booth covers autobiographical themes of mental health, anxiety, and issues of consent. Nocturne is Booth's first wide release, following her critically acclaimed, short-run debut, DUII.

Tara Booth is a 28 year old illustrator and comics artist from Philadelphia. Her work has been featured on Mashable and in Bloomberg Magazine, Hi Lo, and The Lifted Brow, among other magazines and websites — but she’s probably best known for her content on Instagram, where she has over 60K followers. Her work was recognized and featured by It's Nice That as part of World Mental Health Day in 2017.

Tara understands the language of comics fully. Her stories slide past the analytical part of the brain and directly into a deeper, more gratifying kind of understanding. Her bright colors bring joy and humor to the heaviest, darkest follies hidden inside ourselves. — Gabrielle Bell, Everything is Flammable

As an artist, Booth works to push the boundaries between comic arts and fine art, and she lives up to no standards of appropriateness other than her own. Her social commentary is sharp and her visual storytelling unassuming. — Megan St Clair, Hyperallergic

Comic book artist and illustrator Tara Booth’s work is candid, funny and chock full of personal details. The textures and patterns she achieves using gouache paint give her work a wonderfully awkward tone and she brings her characters to life through short vignettes that unfold on the page. — Rebecca Fulleylove, It's Nice That


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