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Nobrow 9: It's Oh So Quiet

Nobrow 9: It's Oh So Quiet

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Edited by Sam Arthur, Alex Spiro and Ben Newman. Published by Nobrow. 

Softcover, 128 pages, 4-Colour, 2014. 

Please note: this is a double flip-cover issue you will not be receiving two magazines! 

As with every year, we have given over 45 artists a theme and four way colour palette to unleash their creative wizardry. This year’s Nobrow magazine, Nobrow 9: It’s Oh So Quiet, deals with the concept of silence. How is silence expressed? Can it be visual?

As we hurtle along at breakneck speed accompanied by the great cacophony of modern life, we rarely experience a moment of silence. Silence, with its implication of stillness and absolute purity, becomes an impossibility. So how does an artist approach such a theme? World-renowned creators turn their hand to unifying the senses in this unique, international showcase containing 60 pages of illustration and 60 pages of ground-breaking comics in unique four spot colour.

Within the stack of these weighty pages is work by artists such as Bianca Bagnarelli, Will Morris,  Joe Todd Stanton, Lisa Perrin, Jim Stoten, Jamie Coe, Ella Bailey, Joseph Lambert, Natalie Andrewsen and many, many more.

Just like the previous 3 Nobrow magazines, Nobrow 9 is in actual fact two magazines rolled into one and sealed with a double cover. With Nobrow 9, we are continuing to publish the very best of illustration and narrative art from newcomers and veterans in the UK and around the world. With a limited, one-time print run the magazines have become something of a collector’s item so get your hands on the latest and start your collection now.

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