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Nina Peanut

Nina Peanut

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By Sarah Bowie. Published by Scholastic.

Softcover, 272 pages, Colour, 2024

Nina Peanut – super-star in the making, frozen pizza chef, creative genius, owner of the world’s stinkiest cat. The funniest new friend for all kids, everywhere. Nina Peanut creates amazing videos – so why is it only her nan and best friend Brian who watch them? Surely everyone should be interested in her SERIOUS and NOT-STUPID videos about potatoes with faces? Nina dreams about being as popular as class queen bee Megan Dunne, who films NOT AMAZING AT ALL content of her pampered dog, Princess Trixie Bell. So when Nina’s stinky cat Les wanders into one of Megan’s videos by accident, and goes viral, Nina and Les are suddenly internet famous! But is overnight stardom as wonderful as Nina always imagined it would be?

  • Hilariously funny, with themes of friendship/frenemies, big dreams, brilliant pets: hours and hours of reading fun guaranteed for kids.
  • Warm, offbeat wit and gorgeous, bright full colour pictures throughout.
  • Perfect for fans of Wimpy Kid, Dork Diaries and Lottie Brooks.
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