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My Life Without Me (DVD)

My Life Without Me (DVD)

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*This is NOT a comic! But sometimes you just need a good cry you know?

By Isabel Coixet. Published by In2Film. 

DVD, 101 minutes, 2003

Canadian drama starring Sarah Polley, Mark Ruffalo, Scott Speedman and Debbie Harry. When young mother Ann (Polley) who has been living a modest life with her husband Don (Speedman) and two children in a trailer near her parents' home, discovers that she is suffering from cancer and has only a few months to live, she decides not to tell her family and instead compiles a list of things she wants to achieve before her death. Her goals include finding someone to care for her husband, recording birthday messages for her two daughters and falling in love.

Based on the book Pretending the Bed Is a Raft by Nanci Kincaid

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