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Musnet: The Mouse of Monet

Musnet: The Mouse of Monet

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By Kickliy. Published by Uncivilized Books. 

Hardcover, 56 pages, Colour, 2016.

Nominated for Prix Angoulême, Youth Category

Springtime. Giverny, France. Mid 1800’s. A young boy mouse travels the country side looking for work and happens upon Monet’s garden. He takes on a job and becomes inspired to learn to paint. Will he paint in the classical ways, or in the new style of the impressionist? Which way will his brush sway?

Set in the midst of one of the great moments in the history of art, Musnet is a coming of age story for the young aspiring artist. Kickliy’s fluid ink and watercolors evoke the magic of the period and the country setting for the story. The paintings of Musnet and Monet, are actually mini-oil paintings within the story.

Musnet is an amazing debut from Kickliy and is turning heads everywhere.

Kickliy is the creator of the critically acclaimed Musnet series of books, and Perdy (Image Comics). Musnet was nominated for the 2017 Prix Angouleme for Kids Comics. Kickliy is also an accomplished oil painter. He lives somewhere between Minneapolis and Giverny.

Praise for Musnet:

"This new series revolves around a painting mouse found in Monet’s famous gardens in Giverny: the nameless, orphan mouse is befriended by Mya and her mouse family, who live inside the artist’s house. Introduced to painting after he begins working for Remy, an old squirrel painter, he is enchanted by Monet’s work. Beautifully painted (of course), this promises to be a charming tale of humour, art, and adventure, as the little mouse grows to find his meaning and place in the world."—The Guardian

"Musnet: The Mouse of Monet is a gorgeous and friendly story about a mouse discovering his calling in life and also what he wants to be called. Take a friendly and likable orphaned mouse, place him in a beautifully rendered watercolor and ink medium with miniature Monet masterpieces and you get a stunning and engaging story of a mouse learning to become an artist. He makes friends, finds a mentor, and even gets to sneak a peek inside Monet’s studio. It’s incredibly well executed, entertaining, informative, and absolutely absorbing. It is one of the best books I’ve read this year."—The Picture Book Review

"Musnet is the sort of book I’d have absolutely loved as a child, and it’s something I hope lots of children get to read. Kickliy weaves lots of lessons into the narrative; Musnet presents a very natural combination of art and history with the sorts of motivational messages you expect to find in a children’s story. […] I would recommend Musnet to everyone. It’s a really enjoyable story that brings Monet’s paintings to life through some incredibly sweet and memorable characters. If you know any children who are expressing an interest in drawing, get them a copy of Musnet. It’s challenging and imaginative and I’m sure it will spark an obsession with painting (and maybe also mice)."—Girls Like Comics

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