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MORPHO: Fat and Skin Folds

MORPHO: Fat and Skin Folds

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By Michel Lauricella. Published by rockynook

Softcover, 96 pages, B&W, 2019.

In Morpho: Fat and Skin Folds, artist and teacher Michel Lauricella presents a unique approach to learning to draw the human body. The typical approach to teaching anatomy and the sketching of the human form most often focuses on the skeleton and musculature. What often goes ignored is the skin itself—how it moves and the expressions it creates as the body moves and changes positions. This book presents a simplified and practical vision of the fat and skin folds of the human body to help you in your drawing studies, encouraging both accuracy and a rich, diverse representation of the human form. Geared toward artists of all levels—from beginners through professionals—this handy, pocket-sized book will help spark your imagination and creativity.

Table of Contents






    Head and Neck


    Torso and Shoulders


    Upper Limbs


    Lower Limbs




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