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MOME Vol 14, Spring 2009

MOME Vol 14, Spring 2009

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Edited by Eric Reynolds. Published by Fantagraphics. 

Softcover, 120 pages, Colour and B&W, 2009

The Spring 2009 edition of MOME is anchored with Lilli Carré's (The Lagoon) new, 32-page graphic novella, "The Carnival." Gilbert Shelton is back with the second part (of three) of his new graphic novel, "The Last Gig in Shnagrlig," and both Olivier Schrauwen and Laura Park are back with their sophomore Mome efforts. 2008 comics darling Dash Shaw delivers "Scenes from the Abyss," while Mome regulars Derek Van Gieson, Ray Fenwick, Jon Vermilyea, Sara Edward-Corbett, Conor O'Keefe, Émile Bravo, and Josh Simmons all return. To wrap it up, Ben Jones, Frank Santoro, Hernán Migoya and Juaco Vizuete all pop their Mome cherries this issue as well (the former two with a Cold Heat-related story).

(Errata: A page from Dash Shaw's story in this issue was accidentally printed out of sequence. Dash explains on his blog. The story is printed in the correct sequence in the collection of Shaw's stories The Unclothed Man in the 35th Century A.D.)

2009 Ignatz Award Nominee: Outstanding Artist (Josh Simmons), Outstanding Story ("The Carnival," Lilli Carré)

"Strip of the Year: 'Not Quite Dead' by Gilbert Shelton and Pic... With a style that seems strung from spider-webs, popping veins, worried brow-wrinkles and tangled vines and an eye for absurd posturing, both undiminished by five decades and whatever art-supplies he’s been sniffing, Shelton’s dystopian vaudeville is a vision you can never predict of species-wide misbehavior which remains, alas, just like you remembered it. ... Short Story of the Year: 'The Carnival' by Lilli Carré... A bittersweet, tragicfunny story of the luminous, enchanting worlds just beyond the outskirts of nowhere." – Adam McGovern, ComicCritique.Com

"Every story [Lilli Carré] did this year [in Mome] was better than the last, with her storytelling ideas getting more and more ambitious. A lucky year for people who like perfect short stories." – Austin English, The Daily Cross Hatch, "The Best Damned Comics of 2009 Chosen by the Artists"

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