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Miracle Worker

Miracle Worker

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By André Oliveira, Jorge Coelho, André Caetano, Filipe Andrade, Nuno Plati, Ricardo Cabral, Ricardo Tércio, Ricardo Drumond. Published by Kingpin Books.

Hardcover, 72 pages, Colour, 2023 (originally published in Portuguese in 2015)

Eight years after Polvo's original edition, “Milagreiro” gets a new lease of life, now in an English version, in a larger format, with a new cover by Jorge Coelho, new subtitles and improved colors. This edition also includes a new epilogue, previously published only in the anthology TLS vol.2: Silence, and an original preface by Polish screenwriter Bartosz Sztybor.

Following the mysterious death of her brother Cyril, Aya challenges the most powerful and shadowy organization in the world to find out what really happened. With the help of Heron, a professional assassin on the verge of retirement, and driven by the strength of her own courage, Aya will descend into hell...

…to understand whether there are miracles or not.

This edition is dedicated to the memory of Ricardo Tércio, who passed away in 2019.

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