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Mile End Kids Stories: Colette | Albert | Maya

Mile End Kids Stories: Colette | Albert | Maya

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By Isabelle Arsenault. Published by Tundra. 

Hardcover, 136 pages, 3-Colour, 2024 (originally published 2017, 2019 & 2021) 

A Peanuts gang for a new generation! Three charming adventures of the Mile End Kids — Colette's Lost Pet, Maya's Big Scene and Albert's Quiet Quest — are now available in a special gift edition, perfect for fans old and new.

In these three heartwarming, funny and colorful adventures, the neighborhood kids of Montreal's Mile End navigate the ups and downs of friendship. This striking omnibus edition includes:

Colette's Lost Pet: Colette is self-conscious about making friends. When she meets the Mile End gang, she doesn't know what to say — so she hastily invents a lost pet! What will happen when her new friends catch on?

Maya's Big Scene: Maya's latest theatrical work is almost ready for a public performance, but she quickly learns that her actors' visions for the show might not match hers. Can Maya learn to lead by example?

Albert's Quiet Quest: Albert just wants to read his book in peace . . . but there are so many distractions in the neighborhood — what's a book-loving introvert to do? Will Albert ever find a moment of quiet?

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