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Meat4Burgers: Welcome to Burgertory

Meat4Burgers: Welcome to Burgertory

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By Beck Kubrick & Christof Bogacs. Self Published. 

Softcover, 104 pages, B&W and Colour, 2023. 

When Trace wakes up in VAL-U-BURGER™ they have no idea how they got there and no memory of who they are. 

The rest of the employees seem pretty blasé about the whole thing. Turns out the same thing happened to them too…

104 page, A5 comic compiling the first four issues and bonus additional comics from Axe Marnie, Marie Enger and Ray Nadine.

"I got a sneak peek at Meat4Burgers, a deep-fried, spooky, queer, nightmare combo meal filled with dread and fast food."

- Dave Scheidt, Writer (Mayor Good Boy, Agents of Slam, Time Traveler Tales)

"I got to peep MEAT4BURGERS a little while back, and it's so good! Part mystery, part drama, part horror. Go grab a copy now!"

- Skylar Patridge, Artist (Wonder Woman, Artemis: Wanted, Resonant)


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