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Mage and the Endless Unknown

Mage and the Endless Unknown

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By SJ Miller. Published by

Hardcover, 152 pages, B&W, 2023

"Phenomenal." — KIRKUS Starred Review

"Beautiful and terrifying." — BOOKLIST Starred Review

"Unusual and unforgettable." — FOREWORD

Peek through the leaves, beyond the clouded mountains, and you will find a garden with a strange attendant and an even stranger purpose. A young mage, asleep in a meadow, wakes to delights and fanciful spells that open a door to unknown wonder. Then, they eagerly step through to find only horror and death. There is no swashbuckling adventure in store; this world means them cold and deadly harm, and they’ll need all their resilience, wit, and magic to push it back.

Gaze through fascinating silent windows into a terrifying dimension and follow the wordless Mage and their companions as they travel a shadowy fantastical land of monsters. Will they survive this endlessly curious mystery, or will the unforgiving darkness swallow them whole?

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