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Luke on the Loose

Luke on the Loose

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By Harry Bliss. Published by Toon Books.

Hardcover, 32 pages, Colour, 2009. 

Luke looks on at the pigeons in Central Park, while Dad is lost in "boring Daddy talk," and before you know it—LUKE IS ON THE LOOSE! He's free as a bird, on a hilarious solo flight through New York City. Harry Bliss, the renowned illustrator of many bestselling children’s books, finally goes on a solo flight on his own with a soaring story that will delight any young reader who has ever felt cooped up.

Harry Bliss is a beloved New Yorker cartoonist and cover artist as well as the illustrator of numerous bestselling children’s books, including Doreen Cronin’s Diary of a Worm, and Which Would You Rather Be? by Caldecott Medal-winner William Steig. His newest book for young readers is Louise, the Adventures of a Chicken by Newbery Award-winner Kate DiCamillo. This is his first comic book. Harry grew up in upstate New York in a family of artists and illustrators. He currently resides in Northern Vermont with his son and their puppy Penny, who has yet to catch her first squirrel.

"One of the few all-ages comics to portray the ethnic and racial diversity of American cities in a matter-of-fact way, making this book a great choice for a young urban dweller's reading list."
--School Library Journal

"Bliss has created an ideal graphic novel for emerging readers...The cartoon panels are so successful at engaging readers that young children do not have to be able to read the text to enjoy the story. Each drawing is filled with humorous details. In one scene children see a man proposing to his girlfriend before Luke leaps over his cafe table. Though he creates havoc wherever he goes, he remains oblivious to everything but the pigeons he is chasing. Children will enjoy his rambunctious adventure as he takes them on a spirited tour of New York City."
--School Library Journal

"Luke on the Loose may be the best TOON Book to come out so far. Hopping and hip, Bliss takes a simple idea and takes it to its logical extreme...It just boils down to a fun romp, a child fantasy, and a great little easy-to-read comic that everyone can enjoy. Rural and suburban. Big and little."
--Publishers Weekly

"A refreshing reminder that nontraditional children's books are alive and well, and so are their authors...Your child will definitely be reading this book for years to come."
--Sacramento Book Review
"The marvelous attention to design makes Luke on the Loose a stand-out for fun. And education."
--ForeWord Reviews

"If a comic can keep kindergartners engaged for extended periods of time, then I consider that quite a success. Luke on the Loose did just that...Luke on the Loose offers our youngest readers the chance to get into comics on their reading level and fall in love with the idea of story."
--Graphic Classroom

"An absolute masterpiece of a children's book, one of those that whips by at frenetic pace but leaves you with a huge grin and a great feeling that lasts long after bedtime."
--Forbidden Planet International

"This book provides emergent readers with a fresh new way to explore the world of books. Some learning-to-read titles are a little dull. Not this one! In this title, readers are pulled from page to page as they follow Luke’s adventures through the streets of a big city. The language used is engaging, and the artwork is a joy to look at and funny."
--Through The Looking Glass

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