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Little Maakies on the Prairie

Little Maakies on the Prairie

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By Tony Millionaire. Published by Fantagraphics. 

Hardcover, 120 pages, B&W, 2010

The latest two years of Maakies, collected for the first time!

Drinky Crow may be the drunken star of the weekly comic strip Maakies, but more often than not, he plays straight man to the hapless ape, Uncle Gabby. Here is the newest collection of Tony Millionaire's strip, featuring two years of strips collected for the first time. The suicide jokes may come less frequently than in earlier years, but the comedy and superb drawing style are at their peak, as is the volume of triple-X cartoon booze consumed.

Maakies features the comical adventures of a drunken crow on the high seas, blending vaudeville-style humor and a breathtaking line that harkens back to the glory days of the American comic strip. Designed by publishing's foremost graphic designer, Chip Kidd, Little Maakies on the Prairie features a beautiful, deluxe, landscape hardcover format that complements the strip's elegant and classical style.

"My eyes get lost in the beauty of Tony Millionaire's drawings, his humor cuts me apart. It's a cool feeling, funny beauty, it's my favorite feeling. Tony Millionaire is funny and pretty. MAAKIES is booze for the soul." — Pendleton Ward

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