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Last Bus, Issue One

Last Bus, Issue One

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By Paddy Lynch. Published by Cardboard Press. 

Softcover, 24 pages, B&W, 2008. 

comic about Gerry, a pedantic bus driver and his mundane adventures over the course of a week driving the last bus of the evening.

The first issue of Last Bus is a 24 page black and white comic book with a two-colour cover. Inside are three stories about bus drivers, passengers, absent friends, and the aftermath of an argument.

Published in 2008.

Compositional know-how and grey washes add substance to the breezy cartooning style, and the creator’s firm grasp of sequentialism make this comic a diverting-enough ride/read.” John Robbins

About the author:
Paddy Lynch is a cartoonist, educator and graphic designer from Dublin, Ireland. His work embraces and explores the complicated and often contradictory experiences that make us tick and reveal who we truly are. He curates and edits the Stray Lines series of anthologies. He is a founding member Stray Lines, and the Dublin Comic Jam.

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