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Johnny Boo and the Mean Little Boy

Johnny Boo and the Mean Little Boy

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By James Kochalka. Published by Top Shelf.

Hardcover, 40 pages, Colour, 2010.

"Perfect for beginning readers." -- Publishers Weekly

"Kochalka's command of the comic form is sublime and adorable. Kids will love Johnny Boo." -- Harry Bliss, illustrator of Diary of a Worm

"Johnny Boo is sweet without being sugary and comfortably familiar yet fresh on every page. All in all, Kochalka's light touch has created the quintessential small gem." -- Peter Gutiérrez, School Library Journal

"Plenty of potty references and a bully who gets what he deserves thanks to a juicy “sneeze-boo” ensure chortles galore from the emergent-reader set... this entry should make as big a splash as the earlier episodes." -- Kirkus Reviews

James Kochalka's beloved all-ages series continues with another goofy romp! When Johnny Boo announces a play date with his quiet new friend Rocky the Rock, trusty sidekick Squiggle is left to find a new friend of his own. How about this nice fellow named the Mean Little Boy? He sure is fond of his butterfly net, and he's got a great game to play with Squiggle… But wait a minute, maybe the Mean Little Boy isn’t actually so nice! It's up to Johnny Boo and Squiggle to find a way out of this pickle. The fourth Johnny Boo book is packed with laughs and charm, with just the gentlest touch of potty humor. -- A 40-Page Full-Color Hardcover Graphic Novel, 6" x 9"

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