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It's Not an Ocean

It's Not an Ocean

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By Céline Hudréaux & Geert Ooms. Published by Bries. 

Softcover, B&W, 2013. 
(description translated with Google translate!)

"It's Not an Ocean" is a collaboration with the poet Geert Ooms published in May 2013 by Bries.

"It's Not an Ocean" is an experimental cartoon in which a talented businessman, when his company is hit by a financial crisis, finds that he has lost something along the way because of the blind pursuit of success. This original project arose from a creative dialogue between graphic artist Céline Hudréaux and writer Geert Ooms. After a sustained work process of mutual influence - new images gave rise to new passages of text and vice versa - the result has become a story in which image and language sometimes complement each other, sometimes disrupt each other. This formal game (of attraction and repulsion) between image and language yields surprising combinations that emphasize the clouded vision of the unfortunate main character as an extra layer.

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