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Island Of Memory

Island Of Memory

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By T. Edward Bak. Published by Floating World Comics.

Softcover, 72 pages, Colour and B&W, 2013.

First edition limited to 1000 copies, 72 pages, 6″ x 9″, $12

ISLAND OF MEMORY, T Edward Bak’s first volume of WILD MAN – The Natural History of Georg Wilhelm Steller, examines the human condition within the natural order at the extremes of the unknown. Part natural history, part adventure yarn and part experimental narrative, this 72-page full-color fever dream is the artistic realization of Bak’s inquiry into the socio-ecological consequences of empire.

GEORG WILHELM STELLER (1709-1746) journeyed as a naturalist with the historic Second Kamchatka Expedition, which brought the Russians to Siberia and Alaska in the 18th century. Steller’s first-hand descriptions of the natural and human worlds at this crossroads of continents illuminate the unique confluence of culture and ecology binding North America to Asia via the North Pacific.

“I’ve Been Headed Here My Whole Life” – An Interview with T Edward Bak by François Vigneault

“Heading to the ISLAND OF MEMORY” – Newsarama interview with T Edward Bak

A link to more information and art from Island of Memory is here.

T Edward Bak is a North American cartoonist who has taught and lectured comics classes at the Independent Publishing Resource Center, Portland Community College and Pacific Northwest College of Art. He was a recipient of the 2007 Fellowship award for the Center for Cartoon Studies, and is the author-artist of the award-nominated comic strip collection, Service Industry. His stories have been featured in various critically-acclaimed anthologies, including The Graphic Canon, The Best American Comics, MOME, Drawn & Quarterly Showcase, Studygroup 12 and Orchid.

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