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Irene 4

Irene 4

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Edited by Andy Warner, D.W. and Dakota McFadzean. Self Published. 

Softcover, 152 pages, B&W, 2014.

Irene #4 is one hell of a book. 152 pages, 16 artists, infinite awesomeness. It features Amy Lockhart, Ben Juers, Carlista Martin, dw, Emi Gennis, Georgia Webber, Jackie Roche, Jai Granofsky, James Hindle, Jan Martijn Burger, Laura Terry, Luke Howard, Mazen Kerbaj, Dakota McFadzean, Andy Warner and Power Paola.

Irene is edited by Andy Warner, dw, and Dakota McFadzean. It’s a rainbow of color, a dream of beauty, a wild bust of lafter ‘an regular hot stuff.

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