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Happy Warm Feelings

Happy Warm Feelings

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By Niall Breen. Self Published.

Softcover, 100 pages, B&W, 2021.

100 pages of daily Dog and Frog comics from 2020-2021.

148 x 148 mm. Perfect Bound.

Niall Breen is an Irish cartoonist hailing from the small coastal seaport town, Sligo. He has heavily been involved in the indie comic community for years. Sharing hundreds if not thousands of comic strips across Tumblr and Instagram. Steadily finding himself a cult following devoted to his beloved character, Dog. It has now evolved into an unlikely family including Frog, Bear and Alien.

The true magic Niall possesses is in his ability to grapple with darker existential subjects within his sweet and simplistic visuals. The approachable imagery draws the reader into feeling the dull ache of life. Breen’s characters are stripped of age, gender and many human norms. This removal of excess, creates space for us to see ourselves in them. We then find ourselves inside the panels of the comic. Their heartache, joy and silliness suddenly becomes ours.

Thank you Niall, for giving us all this gift.

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