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Griz Grobus

Griz Grobus

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By Simon Roy, Jess Pollard and Sergey Nazarov. Published by Image. 

Softcover,n 200 pages, Colour, 2024. 

Perfect for fans of Hiyao Miyazaki, Asterix, and Arthur C Clarke, GRIZ GROBUS is another tale of life after the collapse of interstellar empire, set in the same sci-fi universe as HABITAT.

On a distant planet, a prying scribe, a sentimental constable, and a mayor resurrect a sleepy town’s long-defunct priest-bot. But “Father Stanley” is not what he seems. Meanwhile, in another universe, a hungry wizard accidentally conjures a war-god into the body of a chicken.

These two intertwined tales make up GRIZ GROBUS, the hit Kickstarter Graphic Novel sensation now at Image Comics!

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