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Grip, The Strange World of Men

Grip, The Strange World of Men

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By Gilbert Hernandez. Published by Dark Horse. 

Hardcover, 128 pages, B&W, 2015

From comics luminary and Love and Rockets cocreator Gilbert Hernandez comes a mind-bending genre mashup unlike any other! Never before collected, Grip: The Strange World of Men returns in an expanded edition with new story pages! When Mike Chang wakes up with no memory and nothing but a lipstick smudge and someone else’s suit and ID, he finds himself thrown into a world of criminal gangs, crime-fighters, people who swap skins, and a tiny, one-eyed girl with bizarre powers! Discover one of Hernandez’s creepiest, sexiest, most action-packed comics extravaganzas! Collects Grip #1-#5 with new pages.

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