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Godhead 1

Godhead 1

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By Ho Che Anderson. Published by Fantagraphics. 


In this gritty thriller, chaos ensues after a powerful corporation creates a device to communicate with God.

Godhead ricochets from the streets of a working-class African American community to the glimmering halls of corporate America to a mobile scientific laboratory located in the Pacific Ocean. A sprawling contemporary saga with a science-fiction edge, Godhead explores a collision course between science and religion when a corporation creates a device that can talk to God. Is this humanity's salvation or the equivalent of a Doomsday machine? Godhead is Ho Che Anderson's most conceptually and thematically ambitious graphic novel to date, his first in over ten years. Visually, he employs a variety of drawing techniques from tonal images to stark black-and-white to full color painting in order to convey a thriller that ranges from intimate domestic drama to globalist corporate intrigue.

"This genre-bending, mind-dazzling first volume in a projected ongoing series will have readers desperately awaiting future installments." — Library Journal

"Godhead is a serious meditation on technology, God and inequality, spiced with high action." — The Globe and Mail

"Anderson's work is often stunning in its bold layouts and experimental compositions and its intense, energetic expressiveness." — Print magazine

"As the artist's first foray into speculative fiction, Godhead sets out to be enormous in scale and potential. The concept is intriguing and the visuals impressively rendered." — Broken Frontier

"Ho Che Anderson's Godhead Vol. 1 is a work of borderline-brilliant dystopian sci-fi, a breathtakingly cinematic action spectacle, a compelling tale of sleazy boardroom intrigue, and a fascinating character study." — Your Chicken Enemy

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