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God and the Devil at War in the Garden

God and the Devil at War in the Garden

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By Anders Nilsen. Self published.

Softcover, 24 pages, B&W, 2014.

Large format comic with a wrap-around cover, containing several short pieces, including a story about the Devil in the silhouette format of Rage of Poseidon (that book had seven stories about gods, this has one about the Devil – it seemed prudent to keep them separate), a collaborative piece I did with novelist Kyle Beachy, and a large diagram of a vacant lot in Chicago, previously published only in Italian. Also several drawings. 24 pages. Black and White. Nice paper. Limited run.

Self-published in 2014.

“Nilsen’s God And The Devil At War In The Garden is a tremendous accomplishment. Nilsen is the rare cartoonist who has exceptional thoughts and ideas that are as complex as his illustrations. I could stare at his “Anatomy of a Vacant Lot” for days - and in a way, I kind of have since there is a lot just like it where I live.”



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