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Genius Illustrated: The Life and Art of Alex Toth

Genius Illustrated: The Life and Art of Alex Toth

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Edited by Dean Mullaney & Bruce Canwell. Published by IDW.

Softcover, 352 pages, Text, B&W and Colour, 2023. 

The second book of the series continues the comprehensive review of the life and art of one of the most significant comics and animations artists of all time.

Covering the years from the 1960s to Toth’s poignant death in 2006, this lavishly illustrated biography features artwork and complete stories from Toth’s latter-day work at Warren, DC Comics, Red Circle, Marvel, and his own creator-owned properties. It also includes samples of his animation work for Hanna-Barbera, Ruby-Spears, and others, as well as sketchbook pages, doodles, advertising art, and other rarities provided through the cooperation of Toth’s family and his legion of fans.

Two of Toth’s best stories are reproduced complete from the original artwork: “Burma Skies” and “White Devil…Yellow Devil.” A full-length text biography charts the path from Toth’s increasingly-reclusive lifestyle to his touching re-connection to the world in his final years.

Winner of the 2014 Eisner Award for Best Comics-Related Book and Best Publication Design.

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