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Frontier #9: Becca Tobin

Frontier #9: Becca Tobin

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By Becca Tobin. Published by Youth In Decline.

Softcover, 32 pages, Colour, 2015. 

This issue features the beautiful watercolor comics of Becca Tobin! Follow lead singer Butter Road as she deals with the successes and turmoil of life in a band -- and the sentient musical instrument she baked in her kitchen!?

Frontier #9: Becca Tobin debuted at Small Press Expo 2015 on September 19th in Bethesda, MD.

Becca Tobin is a cartoonist and artist who creates colorful and kinetic characters and moments in her drawn and painted narratives works. Her comics deal with sharing space and city life, nature, wizards, and living online. Becca recently returned to the UK from life on the road, and is the author of a number of delightful comics including, "10% Battery", "Eye Contact," and "Night Florist" from Dogooder Comics.


"Tobin’s style is beautiful in an oozing, unsettled kind of way. Vivid, unpredictable watercolors make the images from Frontier #9 jump off the page. Tobin’s organic wobbly line, lumpy characters, and bright colors make the whole reading experience feel a little psychedelic and disconcerting."
- Alex Hoffman, Sequential State

"The pages seem to pulse with the energy of her lines. The details, like the cat shirt Butter wakes up in the morning after the creation of her synth, make re-reading rewarding--a rare treat. Simply, I can't wait to read more by Becca Tobin"
- Carrie, Try Harder

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