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Fractured Realms

Fractured Realms

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Edited by Paul Carroll and Gary Moloney. Published by Limit Break Comics. 

Softcover, 96 pages, Colour, 2023

Valhalla Awaits.

In a new anthology from Limit Break Comics, explore the fall of man at the end of times, the horrors of beasts straight out of myth, the dreadful actions of men who know no bounds, and the chilling truth of nature when the wheel of violence turns for too long.

The old gods might have their deaths foretold, but that doesn’t mean they can’t suffer a little bit first.

Edited by Paul Carroll and Gary Moloney.

Cover Art by Nick Roche and JP Jordan.

Funded in March 2023.

Creator list (alphabetical by surname):

Sarah Amundson, Kaydee Artistry, Sierra Barnes, Daniel Beals, Nick Bryan, Patrick Buermeyer, Vinicius Carreiro, Paul Carroll, Alice Coleman, Colin Craker, Aaron Cruz, Robert Cullen, Ryan Estrada, Anna Everts, Triona Farrell, Aaron Fever, Benjamin Filby, KG Gaynier, Oliver Gerlach, Adam Gilbert, Travis B Hill, Sean Hogan, DC Hopkins, Ben Humeniuk, Liam Johnson, Rob Jones, Seamus Kavanagh, Dearbhla Kelly, James Killian, Rapha Lobosco, Andriy Lukin, Michiums, Marin, Hugh Madden, Aline Martins Dos Santos, Adlai McCook, John McGuinness, Alyssa Meier, Mariana Meira, Gavin Mitchell, Chris Mole, Gary Moloney, Oscar Osorio, Chris Panda, Benjamin Paulus, Christian Abel Peña, Lan Pitts, Nikki Powers, Jack Reikel, Andrea Schiavone, Rae Stevenson, Gustaffo Vargas.

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