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Findus and the Fox

Findus and the Fox

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By Sven Nordqvist. Published by Hawthorn Press. 

Hardcover, 28 pages, Prose with Colour Illustrations, 2009 (originally published in Swedish in 1986)

There’s a hen-hunting fox on the loose. But farmer Pettson and his quirky cat Findus agree that foxes shouldn’t be killed. They should be tricked. They come up with a fabulous plan which makes for an explosive, unforgettable night.

“I liked Findus and the Fox a lot. My favourite part was when everything was colourful and when Gustavsson was scared from Findus pretending to be a ghost Ooooooo!
And everything went BANG, BING, KAPOW! I liked the bit when Pettson made a fake chicken out of a pepper balloon and glued feathers on it. All of the Findus and Pettson books are really good.” — Remy, aged seven.

“They have been in our book corner for one day and already I can see they will have an incredibly long shelf life – each one has been devoured several times already and the class were unanimous in their choice for story time at the end of the day. These books are irresistable for both adults and children – I can’t recommend them highly enough.” —The Book Corner

In total over 18 million copies of Pettson and Findus books have been sold worldwide and they have been translated into 55 languages. Findus and the Fox was originally published as Rävjakten by Opal bokförlag

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