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Finder: Chase the Lady

Finder: Chase the Lady

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By Carla Speed McNeil. Published by Dark Horse.

Softcover, 232 pages, Colour, 2021 (originally published 2015)

Celebrate over twenty years of Carla Speed McNeil’s Finder with this new color collection!

As Finder: Chase the Lady’s complex heroine, Rachel Grosvenor doesn’t have time to celebrate her recent Llaverac clan victories. Every win seems to have come with a price. Her new title comes with too many responsibilities, her new home comes with too many expenses, and the Ascians who seem to have adopted her also fill her house with complications. Her assistant is in love with her, she’s about to lose everything if she doesn’t marry up, and she finds herself possessed by an ancient Ascian spirit. Then Jaeger returns.

Collects all Finder: Chase the Lady chapters from Dark Horse Presents, as well as never-printed concluding chapters to finish the story, all DHP covers, and a bonus footnotes section.

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