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Fargo the Giant

Fargo the Giant

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By Ray Roche & Donna A Black. Published by Two Pugs Publishing.

Softcover, 8 pages, Colour, 2019.

“When I was a little boy my grandfather told me a story. He said to turn my
ear to the pillow and to listen carefully. When I did I heard a rhythm, thump-thump. I knew it was my heartbeat but my grandfather said no, it was the sound of giant footsteps. A giant was walking towards me. I was afraid.
I did not want this giant to get me. He won’t, Granddad said, as long as you dream. Dreams confuse the giant and he wanders about, lost in their magic.
And so, all my life I have gone to bed and dreamed to send the giant off on his way.”

- Ray Roche

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