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Fantasy Sports No. 2: The Bandit of Barbel Bay

Fantasy Sports No. 2: The Bandit of Barbel Bay

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By Sam Bosma. Published by Nobrow. 

Paperback, 56 pages, Colour, 2016. 

Wiz and Mug are back and this time they’re headed to a mysterious beach town to meet its amphibious inhabitants!

A mysterious tournament and a fishy town’s amphibious inhabitants confront Wiz and Mug with the revelation that the United Order of Mages may not be exactly what it seems… In order to fulfil their mission, they’re going to have to abide by the ancient law of the land and better their opponent in a game of volleyball! The question is, can they trust each other and work together to defeat the great and powerful volleyball champions Yahma and Yahmi?

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