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False Stars: Red Riding Hood's Wolf Apprentice

False Stars: Red Riding Hood's Wolf Apprentice

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By Sayaka Mogi. Published by Glacier Bay Books. 

Softcover, 32 pages, B&W, 2021 (originally published in Japanese in 2019)

By Sayaka Mogi.
Mani & Wul… they exist in a world uneasily divided between three tribes: Human, Beastkin, and Hunter. Whereas none could abide by either of the other, the two of them, Beastkin and Hunter, made a family together. This is their story…
A standalone work introducing the Hunter Wul and his wolf apprentice Mani. A side story for characters from the short series “Red Riding Hood’s Wolf Apprentice” published by Kodansha.
32 pages B/W. Sewn binding.
Duotone cover, gold foil stamping.

Editing: Emuh Ruh
Design: Emuh Ruh
Translation: Anna Schnell
Lettering: Dani Chen

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