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Ex Mag Vol 1

Ex Mag Vol 1

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Anthology published by Peow Studios.

Softcover, 184 pages, 2-Colour, 2020.

EX MAGAZINE Vol 1 Full Metal Dreamland, a limited-run comics anthology with a focus on narrative short stories. Volume 1 focuses on CYBERPUNK. Featuring work by Sophia Foster Dimino • Giannis Milonogiannis • Connor Willumsen • Jonathan Djob Nkondo • Wren McDonald • Tonči Zonjić • Kelly K • Mushbuh • Freddy Carrasco.

In the forward of William Gibson’s, Burning Chrome, Bruce Sterling describes the collection of shorts as a “combination of lowlife and high tech.”

Color: Interiors are printed with a Pantone spot color, hand picked for each issue, with sections that have a second spot color. The first issue will use Black and Lime Green (Pantone 375 U)

Paper: We're printing it on one of our favorite pulpy papers to capture the feel of chunky monthly manga publications that were a big inspiration for us when creating the mag. It's a groundwood paper from Denmark that we've been using the past few years in a lot of our books and its perfect for this book!

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