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Elvis Road

Elvis Road

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By Helge Reumann & Xavier Robel (Elvis Studio). Published by Buenaventura Press.

Hardcover, 23 "pages" (20 foot fold out map), B&W, 2007.

"We are lucky to get our hands on a few copies of this incredible book. Elvis Studio created one long twenty foot drawing, and it took the force Buenaventura Press to print it correctly. The drawing itself depicts a road full of all kinds of conflicting information and activities, some of them lewd, some of the 'cute,' all of them drawn beautifully. A famous book to anyone who has seen it."

"This is an absolutely stunning 24 foot drawing by these two Swiss artists that depicts a long road that cuts through a bizarre and surreal metropolitan landscape, and in the final pages we witness the triumphal return of Jesus! The title of this accordion references Elvis Studio, the name they both individually and collectively work under."

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