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El Rastro (The Trace)

El Rastro (The Trace)

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By Flor Guga. Self Published. 

Softcover, 24 pages, Monochrome, 2021.

El Rastro (The Trace), by Flor Guga, is a story made during the 23 heures de la bande dessinèe (23 hours of comic) about the journey of an explorer who’s following the trace of a strange, almost mythological animal, deep in the Southern Mexico. El Rastro is a story about the searching, the hunting, and the unexpected.

Each comic contains a copy of a limited edition printing, the cover is also screen-printed. All and every detail is handmade and personally supervised. Awarded with a MICE Mini Grant 2021, is a very special edition. Is beautifully printed in golden paper and has the special mystery and the mysticism of Mexican environments.

Winner, 2021 MICE Mini-Grant

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