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Drawn & Quarterly Showcase, No 4

Drawn & Quarterly Showcase, No 4

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Edited by Chris Oliveros. Published by Drawn & Quarterly. 

Softcover, 96 pages, Colour and B&W, 2006. 

The annual comics anthology of emerging cartoonists

The Drawn & Quarterly Showcase new talent series stands out among other anthologies on the shelf, as it is the only anthology to have the focused editorial vision of D+Q editor in chief Chris Oliveros, who is responsible for launching the careers of Adrian Tomine, Seth, Julie Doucet, and more. Five years ago, Oliveros was impressed by the talent and vitality of the new generation of cartoonists. Each volume has been lauded for its short stories, and by selecting the best cartoonists every year, Oliveros gives each artist more than twenty-five pages in the Showcase to spotlight their storytelling and artistic abilities. The D+Q Showcase is where you find tomorrow's critically acclaimed graphic novelists today.

Book Four features three North American cartoonists: Dan Zettwoch (The Ghost of Dragon Canoe) of St. Louis, Gabrielle Bell (When I'm Old) of Brooklyn, and Martin Cendreda (Dang!) of Los Angeles. Zettwoch and Bell have both contributed to the award-winning anthology Kramer's Ergot. Cendreda is a frequent contributor to Giant Robot magazine.

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