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DJ Cat Gosshie World Tour, kuš! mono #6

DJ Cat Gosshie World Tour, kuš! mono #6

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By Harukichi. Published by kuš!

Softcover, 100 pages, Colour, 2022. 

A collection of short stories of DJ Cat Gosshie and his adventures around the world. This book contains many of Harukichi's self-published works, as well as some new, unreleased stories. DJ Cat Gosshie has extraordinary taste in music, loves to travel, and is always there for those in need of a helping hand or a good time. Join the tour!

Co-published with Ediciones Valientes (Spanish version) and Chili Com Carne (Portuguese version)

Listen: Hear DJ Cat Gosshie on NTS radio, where he plays music from this book and from the mini kuš!

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