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Dickie 2

Dickie 2

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By Pieter De Poortere. Published by Bries. 

Hardcover, 48 pages, Colour, 2003

(description from volume 1, translated with Google translate!)

Boerke is a simple farmer who ends up in all kinds of bizarre situations. And while these often have a fatal outcome, humor is ubiquitous. In the one-page gags, delightful cynicism and sarcasm confront readers with the downsides of our society. Pieter De Poortere makes us smile but also makes us realize the insanity of our time.
Hoerke is also present in this album. The naive prostitute is the plaything of a number of men who do not want her very well.

Pieter De Poortere won the Stripschapspenning for the best Dutch-language album in 2002 with his debut album Boerke 1.

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