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Desperate Pleasures

Desperate Pleasures

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By M.S. Harkness. Published by Uncivilized Books. 

Softcover, 220 pages, B&W, 2020. 

"[Desperate Pleasures] captures the stark settings of exurbia: chaotic hipster bars, lonely diners, snowbound neighborhoods at night. Fans of Tinderella will certainly be happy to catch up with Harkness here, and it’s an equally fresh anti-romance for newcomers to her work."—Publishers Weekly

In M.S. Harkness’s second graphic novel, Desperate Pleasures, she weaves in and out of non-relationships, drug dealing, and sex work—all with the subtlety of a blunt ax! She constantly searches for security and fulfillment, but it is always just beyond her reach. Desperate Pleasures is a young woman's fearless autobiographical account of difficult relationships set against a backdrop of trauma and abuse. Uncomfortably close-up, filled with dark humor, Desperate Pleasures is an unrelenting read and M.S. Harkness’ best work to date.

M.S. Harkness is a cartoonist based out of Columbus, OH. She’s the author of the acclaimed memoir Tinderella. She enjoys competitive weightlifting.

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