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Dead By Daylight: The Legion

Dead By Daylight: The Legion

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By Nadia Shammas and Dillon Snook. Published by Titan.

Softcover, 112 pages, 2024

Evil gets a new face in the first ever graphic novel spin off from the critically acclaimed video game, Dead by Daylight. When the rebellious FRANK crashes into the lives of JULIE, JOEY and SUSIE, together they’ll unleash bloody chaos onto the sleepy, dead-end town of Ormond. Witness the terrifying origins of THE LEGION.

Readers can unlock an exclusive in-game charm using the unique code found inside this Graphic Novel!

Teenage angst, anarchy and adoration combine for a perfect, violent storm of a comic. Compelling, familiar-yet-original characters make this the ideal jumping in point for the next big horror franchise.

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