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(Cover Not Final)

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By Max Huffman. Published by AdHouse Books.

Softcover, 64 pages, Colour and B&W, 2021. 

In this collection of intertwined stories, paranoid conspiracy and soft-boiled noir bubbles under every aspect of daily life— and at the center of it all is Career Criminal, the tuxedo'd conduit between our square world and its cosmic underbelly.

"It doesn’t take a decoder ring to understand these comics, just a willingness to accept the high velocity...It’s the first time in ages I’ve read a comic book that seemed to articulate a comedic voice that was new and unique to itself"
The Comics Journal

Huffman's comics look electric, and not by accident. Unlike other cartoonists with a defined style, Huffman's aesthetic is honed and used as a scaple with the upmost precision in achieving an exciting goal: to make rapid fire, beautiful comics. Just a quick glance at anything Huffman does takes an unprepared reader a moment to catch up to.

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