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Museum Of Mistakes: Definitive Fart Party Collection

Museum Of Mistakes: Definitive Fart Party Collection

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By Julia Wertz. Published by Uncivilised Books.

Softcover, 528 pages, B&W, 2023

For almost two decades, Julia Wertz has been documenting her life’s most intimate, absurd, and amusing moments through a whimsical and hilarious diary comic book called The Fart Party. Wertz retells childhood antics that end in scars and swears. She tracks, in real-time, her young adulthood as she forgets her college graduation, travels cross country via train, and drinks her way through a harsh break-up.

After receiving much acclaim (and controversy), The Fart Party became a series of self-published mini-comics, eventually collected into two volumes, published by Atomic Books. Long out of print, Museum of Mistakes collects anything and everything that is The Fart Party. PLUS: numerous pages of Julia’s early comic work, unpublished and previously uncollected comics, short stories, illustrations, process pages, hate mail, sketchbook pages, tear stains, and more.

This massive tome begs the question, "what is a Fart Party?" And the answer is... you’ll have to read to find out!

Be sure to stop by The Museum of Mistakes

“Julia is the funniest, most unique voice in comics right now.” –Brian K. Vaughan

“If you’re wondering what it’s like to be a smart, self-aware young woman, Wertz’s comics have all the answers.” –The Onion

"Like the best work of the Slacker Era, The Fart Party communicates the joyous underbelly of an underwhelming existence." -Douglas Rushkoff

"Fart Party is friggin' hilarious." -New York Magazine

"Julia makes self-destruction charming." -Tom Hart

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