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Cool Schmool #4: Lockdown Comics

Cool Schmool #4: Lockdown Comics

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By Holly Casio. Self Published.

Softcover, 36 pages, B&W and Colour, 2020. 

During the first 4 months of lockdown I created weekly diary comics about my ocd and mental health, about missing friends, working as a union rep while on furlough, phone conversations with my nan, celebrating pride without my queer family, and developing an inability to leave my house. This issue of Cool Schmool collects them all including comics which never made it online.

I'm Holly Casio. I make queer diy zines and comix about pop culture, class, being fat,mental health, and Bruce Springsteen. You can find out more about my previous zines, events I'm appearing at, and my blog over at

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