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MORPHO: Clothing Folds and Creases

MORPHO: Clothing Folds and Creases

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*This is not a comic! Buy it may help you draw fabric in your own comics.

By Michel Lauricella. Published Rocky Nook.

Paper back, 96 pages, B&W, 2022.

Clothing Folds and Creases, artist and teacher Michel Lauricella presents a unique approach to learning to draw clothing. By connecting the underlying anatomy to clothing, as well as considering the body's posture and movement, you can learn to draw accurate and realistic clothing. Whether you're interested in art, animation, or fashion, this book is a great resource for anyone sketching or drawing clothing. Geared toward artists of all levels from beginners through professionals this handy, pocket-sized book will help spark your imagination and creativity.

(Publisher's Note: This book features an exposed binding style. This is intentional, as it is designed to help the book lay flat as you draw.)

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