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Clangers (Vinyl)

Clangers (Vinyl)

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*This is NOT a comic! But you can listen to it while you read comics!

By Vernon Elliott. Published by Trunk. 

Vinyl LP Record, 2018 (originally released 2001, music recorded 1969)

Far away from the land of breaks, beats and modern music is the world of The Clangers

Created by the genius team of Oliver Postgate and Peter Firmin (Bagpuss, Ivor The Engine, Pogle's Wood), The Clangers are now over 30 years old.

Their name comes from the noise the dustbin lids covering their homes makes, and all the music and special effects played for both series are issued on this record.

The music was played and composed by Vernon Elliot and a small quartet from the Philharmonia. Musical direction was guided and drawn by Oliver Postgate, and all the music was recorded in the village hall just up the road from Mr Postgate's home.

We organised, remastered and compiled some 150+ recordings and musical cues into a suitable listening experience.

The music itself is beautiful, quite wistful and a little crazy. It has both classical and folk overtones and will appeal to cool kids of all ages. The special effects, whistles, whoops and bangs were all created by Mr Postgate in his basement using tape loops, swanee whistles and a tin guitar.

The LP had some raving reviews and 26 LPS came complete with a Clangers hand-knittied cover, now extremely collectible. NME played the music on their 24th floor and watched the Sun go down, and consequently gave the CD ten out of ten. Mojo screamed for their wooly sleeves and there were rumours of a small fight breaking out in the boozer opposite Record Collector magazine over there in Acton. I'd stay clear of Acton if I were you. Time Out writers were with us as are Radio 3 who called it "Simply wonderful" and BBC Radio Devon who asked for a pair of CDs so they could run a competition. Oh and the real BBC Cult TV site featured the LP, and ran a competition (I like the people at Cult TV, they thought the Trunk Site featured too many naughty ladies for a link though). The cats at Minstry Magazine calmed down to the sound of Vernon, and Bizarre Magazine liked it lots. The even cooler news is that there was also a competition in Mother and Baby magazine if you read that on a monthly basis. Anyway, that's quite enough of that.

  1. Intro and dialogue
  2. The Start Of "Music"
  3. From "Visiting friends"
  4. Clangers Running Around the Planet
  5. From "Fishing"
  6. From "Treasure"
  7. Useful Musical Sequences
  8. From "Goods"
  9. An End Title
  10. Tiny Clanger's Radio Hat
  11. Oliver's Special Effects
  12. From "The Rock Collector"
  13. From "Glowhoney"
  14. From "Teapot"
  15. From "Cloud"
  16. From "The Seed"
  17. From "The Bags"
  18. From "Blow fruit"
  19. From "The Pipe Organ"
  20. From "The Music Of The Spheres"
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