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Cerberus' New Trick

Cerberus' New Trick

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By Fiona Boniwell & Brendan O’Connell. Self Published. 

Softcover, 80 pages, B&W, 2023. 

Like so many who fall beneath the boot heels of its relentless onward march,
Cerberus didn’t see progress coming. Having spent their entire life, since time
immemorial, guarding the gates of Death's Netherworld, the last thing they
expected was to be replaced by a new hi-tech security system. But replaced they

Exiled to an animal shelter, a despondent Cerberus struggles to adapt. They are an
old dog and they don’t easily learn new tricks. Until Amy, a young girl with Down
Syndrome volunteering at the shelter, takes a shine to them. But can she get
through to them before progress once again overtakes them and a relentless threat
to humanity is unleashed?

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